Thank you, YAPC::NA, Patreon and new hardware!

Hello everyone, I'm thankful for all of the great feedback and questions that have come up as a result of Fuzzing Perl blog post. I may even be appearing at YAPC::NA next year to talk about my Perl fuzzing exploits. More on that later.

In the meantime, I've relaunched my Patreon campaign. Feel free to support me, feel free to not support me, I'm not begging for a hand out here, just trying to continue doing something I'm passionate about: finding and closing security holes and making the Internet a safer place for everyone.

Lastly, I should be getting some new hardware soon to help in the fuzzing efforts. Not sure if they want me to say who is sending it, but I'll figure that out later. Keep an eye out for that in a later update.

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