I'm a researcher and a writer.

After lolzing over this i'm a researcher, not a writer comment, I decided to come write a quick post.

I've always been a writer. I've got shitty poetry published in shitty anthologies that nobody but their mother has ever purchased. I've got a short story published in some `zine in Europe that I never received my copy of in return for the story. Back in high school, my best friend wanted to pen a comic book and I was going to co-write. He was an amazing artist. We've fallen out of touch over the years and I missed him on a trip to Oklahoma he recently made.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, I'm writing a novel. The tentative title is Truth Dies and the main character's name is Truth and I'm giving away the ending right there in the title, but I think I can drag the story out for a few books at least. I'm going to release the first chapter to the world (eventually) and then shop around for a publisher, but this won't happen for a while longer, as I'm only up to about 6,000 words or so after a couple of years.

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